What is an Efficiency Platform?

Last week, we talked about efficiency, and how you might measure the efficiency of your 3D printing business.

The main takeaway, I hope, is that you are the only one who can improve your company’s efficiency, workflow, and image. If you just Google “how to make my business more efficient,” odds are you’ll find tons of “business expert and also astrologist” nonsense, that recommends every remedy under the sun for increasing your efficiency… but none of them are going to work.

Instead, you should focus your efforts on developing and integrating an efficiency platform. So let’s break down what that means, and why you need it.

Why do I need an efficiency platform?

As we outlined last week, your level of efficiency not only improves your customers’ experience – and brings them back for more business – it also helps you stand out among your competitors, and become “the name” in your field. An efficient company is a successful company.

What is an efficiency platform?

An efficiency platform is an all-in-one solution to your day-to-day and big-picture business needs. It’s a custom-tailored, completely personalized toolkit to help you streamline your work, and give your customers the best experience possible, all while reducing your workload and unnecessary waste.

Think about how the Adobe Creative Suite became an industry leader by giving their customers all of the tools they needed and integrating them all into one platform. And how Google successfully created an online collaboration tool with G Suite, to completely revolutionize how so many people share information, research and create content. Or how Amazon became a consumer powerhouse by making just about everything a house needs, (and then a bunch of things they don’t need).

The MakerOS efficiency platform takes that same idea one step further.


We not only provide all of the tools you’ll need to boost your efficiency as a company, but we also provide the tools to help improve your customer’s experience, all in one package.

Our platform includes CRM, project management, billing, and smart inventory systems to allow you and your customer to collaborate and create, without wasting time or money on extraneous apps or unnecessary tasks. With MakerOS, you can cut those same costs from $22,000 down to $2,000 annually.

In short – time is money, and MakerOS will save you a lot of time. And also a lot of money.

So now that you have an understanding of how to gauge your efficiency as a business, and the tools you’ll need to come out on top, we can break down why integrating our MakerOS efficiency platform into your business is the perfect choice for you. Stay tuned until next week for that.

Interested in adding the MakerOS efficiency platform to your business? Request a free demo to learn more.