Griflan Design: Defining the Look of Blockchain


Design Meets Blockchain

Griflan Design is an award-winning design and development agency with a specialty in initial coin offerings (ICOs) and other blockchain projects.

As a multidisciplinary agency, the Griflan team has to manage a variety of assets across a range of projects and phases. They have to keep track of these things as they go from strategy, to design, and ultimately development.

As the business grew and the team was taking on different types of projects they realized they needed to find efficiencies in their workflow to keep up with their increase in production.

A challenge they faced using other project management software was managing the sheer amount of communication that happened across multiple apps.

At a minimum, each project would be spread out across chat apps, email, spreadsheets, shared documents, phone calls, and more. This made things hard to keep track of and led to confusion and miscommunication under pressure.

Griflan integrated MakerOS into their workflow as they designed and developed the new

Griflan integrated MakerOS into their workflow as they designed and developed the new

“Invoicing, payment processing, and daily design process management all integrated in one web-based platform? This is revolutionary.” — Ron & Ari, Co-Founders

The team knew that a better workflow would ultimately enable them to deliver the quality their clients expect. With the ultimate goal of saving time by reducing the number of tools they relied on to communicate with their clients; the solution had to both work now and at scale.

As they began to integrate MakerOS into their workflow the team saw how they could customize it for each project and easily track progress against key milestones. Additionally, with all communication happening within the project dashboard, they no longer had to worry about where assets were saved.

This ability to collaborate directly with clients in a shared workspace has enabled Griflan to streamline their entire workflow and consistently deliver the quality they’re known for.

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