Client Spotlight: Roboto.NYC’s Apollo 11 Command Module Hatch for Smithsonian’s "Project Egress" Build


Our clients do amazing work for their clients, and oftentimes they do amazing work just for the fun of it.

One perfect example: Rob Steiner, co-founder, maker and all-around awesome dude at Roboto.NYC, located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, recently took on the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum’s "Project Egress." Led by TV’s Adam Savage, the goal was to construct a life-size replica of the command module hatch from the Apollo 11 space mission to the moon.

The Smithsonian and Adam used 3D scans of the Apollo 11 module to construct their hatch, using the same scanner as Roboto.NYC has in their shop. They posted the 3D files online and encouraged others to build their own.

Rob took notice and was intrigued. He had the machines to make the parts and since all of this current projects for clients were all managed (thanks in large part to the MakerOS software) he thought to himself, “… we could do this.”

And so they did.

The Smithsonian used 44 artists and fabrication shops to create their hatch’s components using various mediums and techniques. 

Rob did it all in his shop from download to finished paints - in 23 days.

Rob’s hatch will be on display at the Roboto.NYC offices until he makes the rest of the Saturn V rocket and launches it into space.

Checkout a lot more pictures and videos of Rob’s build on the Roboto.NYC Instagram page.