Clear Communication Makes Everything Easier


As makers we know clients often don’t always know what they want or need.

But why would they?

If they had the answer they wouldn’t need to come to you.

So before you ever start making anything for them your first job is to help them figure out what they actually need. Which means understanding what their business challenges are and communicating how you can help them achieve their objectives.

To do this effectively you need clarity.

Clarity about what they are trying to solve, what it means for their business, and what the outcome is they would like to see.

By understanding the clients and their business problem you’re positioning yourself as an expert who is able to provide them with the solution they’re looking for. Which by understanding the unique factors of their situation you ‘ll be able to determine the best approach.

Clarity vs. Confusion

The opposite of clarity is confusion, which is when things break down. Resulting in:

  • Lost information

  • Deprioritized projects

  • Missed deadlines

All of which can be avoided by communicating clearly.

To be clear you need to:

  • Avoid industry jargon

  • Speak as a normal human

  • Don’t assume people ‘just understand’

  • Don’t make assumptions about what someone else said

  • Don’t over-complicate simple things

  • Break down complex things to smaller units

This lets you and your client get on the same page so you’re able to spend more time actually solving the problem than trying to decipher what each other is trying to say. It’s teamwork, and when the teams work together good things start to happen and you may even be able to exceed your clients expectations. Which really should be your goal from the start.

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